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When it comes to giving or receiving oral sex, having regular lube on hand is always recommended. But using flavored lube can absolutely enhance the experience and make it that much better.

No matter the flavor you choose, the majority of the flavored lubes out there on the market are tasty, sexy, and give people just another reason to want to give oral sex to their partner. “Flavored lube gives people new reasons to be more comfortable with oral,” says Carol Queen, PhD, staff sexologist for sex toy retailer Good Vibes. “The benefit [to using flavored lube] is more pleasure and less anxiety.”

As much as flavored lube can be a game changer for your oral-sex game though, it’s not at all the move for penetrative sex. The ingredients in flavored lubes (see: sugar, parabens, glycerin, and synthetic fragrances) are safe to consume orally, but can oftentimes cause irritation to vulvas.

For this reason, in order to avoid a UTI or yeast infection, Queen recommends not using flavored lubes during penetration at all. If you decide to use flavored lube during oral sex, “have some wipes or a damp washcloth on hand to clear flavored lube off before penetration time,” says Queen. “Or wipe the majority of the flavored lube away and put on a condom,” she suggests.

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