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Flannel is a material generally associated with fall and winter trends – and for good reason. If you’re looking for how to wear your flannel this season, we’ve rounded up 12 unique outfits that scream fashion girl, but simultaneously keep you cozy. The soft, fuzzy, or “raised” fabric of your favorite flannel retains warmth, but that doesn’t mean it can’t earn you style points.

Your flannels aren’t just for sleeping or lounging around the house. As so many trendsetters prove, there are some pretty significant ways to wear them that stand out, whether you’re using plaid (a print typically seen on flannels) to bring casual vibes to fancier pieces, or even rocking textured shoes to add even more dimension. While most people probably think of flannels as lived-in button-downs that become soft with age, the material’s not just limited to shirting. Flannel skirts, pants, blazers, and jackets are in abundance on the streets if you look closely.

Ahead, brush up on a few new ideas for winter outfits that involve this wardrobe essential, from sporting your checked blazer with nylon drawstring shorts to putting a sporty twist on dark academia to layering a fuzzy knee-length skirt over straight-leg jeans and finishing the unexpected combination with a pair of feminine pink shoes.