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There are so many ways to show love to our favorite fashion brands—we can sport their clothing, tote their accessories around, or even incorporate their logos into our manicures (yes, you read that right). Logo nails have become a trendy nail design, offering a way to flaunt your favorite designers on your fingertips. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 11 examples of logo nails worthy of recreation.

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Orange Gel Chanel

Star Donaldson

An orange creamsicle manicure is already eye-catching, but when you add mini Chanel logos across each nail, it instantly becomes an unforgettable look.

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Prada Pastels / Instagram

A mismatched mani always makes for an ultra-cool look. The pastel pink and blue hues are the perfect contrast against the crisp black Prada logo.

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Classic Chanel

@betina_goldstein / Instagram

This design perfectly distributes the angelic white Chanel logo across the nail beds. To achieve this look, nail artist Betina Goldstein used Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color ($32) in Blanc White as a base. She handpainted the logo using DoubleMoss Arte’s Arte 2 Detailer Brush ($55) and Le Vernis in Pure White.

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Bold Chanel / instagram

Black French tips are extremely elegant. Add the Chanel logo to the mix, and you have an incredibly sophisticated nail look.

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Multi-Brand Mani

@nuka.nails / Instagram

Who said you can only sport one logo on your nails? These almond French tips incorporate a variety of brands (from Fendi to Supreme) in a super chic way.

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Neon LV

@nuka.nails / instagram

If you’re into vibrant, neon nails, this look is right up your alley. The stark white base serves as the perfect canvas for the bold Louis Vuitton emblems.

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Juicy Couture French

@nuka.nails / instagram

You can never go wrong with a coffin-shaped French manicure. However, the script font Juicy logo further elevates this design.

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Perfect Prada

@nuka.nails / Instagram

A white French mani is classic and chic. However, the intricate Prada logo emblazoned across the nails gives the traditional look some edge.

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Bejeweled and Black

@nuka.nails / Instagram

Juicy Couture is known for its bedazzled apparel and accessories. This manicure brings the bling to life with a bejeweled logo on each ring finger.

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All-Over Chanel

@nuka.nails / Instagram

The Chanel logo is very minimalistic, but this nail look gives it a maximalist twist. One hand incorporates the emblem amongst neon hues, while the other features a Chanel checkerboard design.