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Keeping our everyday essentials like our makeup, skin care, and jewelry organized can be challenging without the right system. To be clear, an effective organizational solution doesn’t have to be overly complex; it simply requires a good organizer or two to declutter your vanity and ensure everything has a home. To keep your beauty and accessory collections from looking like the misplaced spoils of a pirate’s treasure, it’s time to invest in an organizer that transforms your vanity area into a neatly arranged solution that Marie Kondo would applaud.

Ahead, we rounded up 10 vanity organizers that’ll help tidy up your respective jewelry and beauty product collections. We included a comprehensive array of offerings at all price ranges. Our selection spans a wide range of price points, from rotating acrylic makeup organizers to dividers for your beloved eyeshadow palettes. We included classic jewelry boxes for your favorite earrings and necklaces, as well as wall-mounted jewelry cabinets for those with expansive jewelry collections. If you’re looking for one type of organizer over the other, click the link below to jump to your preferred category.

Or, read on to shop our complete guide to the best jewelry and makeup organizers on Amazon.