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Cheers to Halloween! What could be better than a night of dressing up in clever costumes, snacking on your favorite candy, playing games, and drinking eerily cool cocktails? Nothing – plain and simple. And thanks to these killer Halloween cocktail recipes, you’ll enjoy an evening of all of that, along with a good buzz.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fall-inspired refreshment or you’re drawn to the Harry Potter-themed recipes, these easy Halloween cocktails will make you wish it were 5 o’clock all autumn long. And, honestly, with so many creative recipes here, we don’t blame you for wanting to make one every day of October (. . . and maybe even November). Crafted with spooky touches and fall flavors, these drinks make a festive addition to any evening, whether you’re hosting a party, going out, having a cozy happy hour at home, or plotting a scary-movie marathon.

No matter your level of mixology experience, there’s a cocktail here for you. From pumpkin-based punches to enchanting potions, these easy Halloween drinks will have you spellbound throughout the season. Take a look at this list of Halloween cocktail recipes, and cheers to a bone-chillingly fun night ahead.

Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes