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The best lipsticks add a lasting punch of pigment to your lips. You don’t need to drop by any high-end stores like Sephora or MAC to get your lippie fix – often, you can pick up great, affordable lip products at your local drugstore. This allows you to experiment with all of the latest makeup trends and test new products every season without causing too much of a dent in your wallet.

The best drugstore lipsticks leave you with beautiful color without completely drying out your mouth. They range in finishes from creamy to matte and come in liquid formulas, too. It’s fun to switch up your lip color daily as you try out different makeup looks and shopping for new shades at the drugstore allows you to pack your collection with a rainbow of shades without spending a ton of money. Whether you’re on the hunt for a vibrant red lipstick or a neutral hue you can wear every day, your local drugstore is bound to have plenty of options. CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Amazon are stocked with cheap lipsticks that are priced no higher than $18.

Read on to discover the best drugstore lipsticks that will keep your lips popping all day long, and be sure to check out a few of our favorite POPSUGAR Beauty Award-winning lipstick formulas while you’re at it.

Additional reporting by Ariel Baker