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If you’re on the hunt for your latest tattoo design, allow us to make a suggestion: angel numbers. Not sure what they are, exactly? “Angel numbers are the messages that your high vibrational being support team, otherwise known as your guardian angels, send you in order to give you support, guidance, or a nudge to go in a different direction,” Mystic Michaela, a psychic medium, aura reader, and author of “The Angel Numbers Book,” previously told POPSUGAR.

Essentially, they’re repeat numbers that can also be a sign from the universe. Angel numbers can be found everywhere: on the clock when you glance at the time, on license plates when you’re sitting in traffic, and even on receipts after buying a new eyeshadow palette. (There’s nothing like a little divine intervention to confirm your latest beauty splurge.) Whether or not you realize it, you’re probably familiar with a few of them, like 1111, 444, and 222.

Whether you believe angel numbers are spiritual messages meant to guide you or lucky coincidences or you just happen to like the way they look, the numbers actually make for great tattoos. They can be customized to be large or small, with a single-needle design or something thicker. They also make great best friend or couple tattoos, and they honestly look good placed anywhere on the body.

If you’re intrigued, keep scrolling for some angel number tattoo inspiration you can bring with you to your next professional appointment.

Angel Number Tattoo Inspiration