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Kate Middleton may be royalty, but when it comes to her outfits, she manages to balance luxury style with accessible fashion. She’s known for being a proud outfit repeater, and she’s even broken a few royal style rules with rather casual looks well-suited for her active lifestyle. At the same time, the Princess of Wales wears her coordinated suit sets, coat dresses, and striking fascinators with style and grace. Middletown owns her looks, no matter the aesthetic or occasion.

She’s also intentional about choosing outfits with a deeper significance. She uses her fashion statements to honor her family, whether she’s choosing a piece of jewelry passed down to her from Queen Elizabeth II or re-creating Princess Diana’s timeless styling techniques. Middleton even uses fashion as a way to connect with her own daughter, creating matching moments with Princess Charlotte for special occasions like King Charles III’s coronation or their annual Christmas card. That said, while celebrating her family, she also stays true to her personal look, embracing prints like polka dots and stripes and perfecting the monochrome trend in every hue, from bright red to pristine white.

Middleton’s sophisticated style sense is inextricably linked to her confidence. And though we may not all be able to purchase her couture Jenny Packham gowns or designer separates, there are quite a few things we can learn from her greatest outfits of all time. Keep scrolling to take in Middleton’s most memorable looks and get plenty of royal fashion inspiration for your own wardrobe.