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Fall fashion wouldn’t be complete without shoes, and from the looks of it, 2023 promises to have us stepping into the new season in style. Fall may be the most exciting time for shoes, as nothing is out of the question: You can wear sandals for the first month and transition into boots the next. In other words, it’s a shoe lover’s paradise. If you’ve looked at the fall 2023 runway trends, you might have noticed that wearability is an overarching theme when it comes to clothes, but shoes seem to be going in a different direction. Loewe has given us surrealist heels, and plenty of fuzzy shoes had their moment at Daniel Lee’s Burberry presentation. To prep you (and your shopping carts) for the upcoming season, let’s dive deeper into the top shoe trends for fall 2023. Ahead, you’ll find 7 of our favorite fall 2023 shoe trends from the runway to everyday, complete with options to shop.

The Modern Clog

Last fall, we saw the clog trend creep onto the scene, and this year, it’s back with a twist. Instead of the typical ’70s-inspired clogs, we’re seeing brands push the boundaries with their silhouettes and styles. Be on the lookout for the clog boot, which seems to be making a splash, along with modern designs from brands like Simon Miller and Jeffrey Campbell.

Straight to the Point

Is it right to call pointed-toe shoes a trend anymore? The consistent style is back for another season, with brands embracing the kitten heel and even pointed-toe loafers. The sleek style never seems to fall out of favor among shoe lovers.

Sock Boots

While we aren’t counting out slouchy boots for the season, we expect to see the sock boot trend have its moment this fall. Some designers, like Bottega Veneta’s Matthieu Blazy, took the term literally for fall 2023—making boots look like warm wool socks—but others opted for a simpler version of the tight-fitting boot.

Fuzzy Accents

Faux fur and footwear aren’t the most practical companions (especially if you live in a city with a new obstacle on every block), but nonetheless, this trend is one to watch. We’re seeing more campy, feathery styles but also cozier shearling boots and heels. Just make sure to avoid puddles at all costs.

The Glow-Up Wedge

This year, we’ve seen wedges like never before. The style has undoubtedly gotten a glow-up, and they’re only getting better: We’re seeing sculptural shapes, statement colors, and wedges without the wedge (seriously). Who knows what else is in the cards come fall?

Sculptural Heels

Heels have never gotten more attention than they have right now. Designers have been coming up with architectural designs for the heel of the shoe, and it seems like the quirkier, the better. This trend probably isn’t for your most casual, comfortable days, but for when you feel like making a statement, what’s wrong with a shoe for show?

Monochromatic Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots never truly go away, but they’ve been having a major resurgence lately, with brands offering plenty of innovative takes on the style. We’re especially loving versions that hone in on a single color, be it Barbie pink, all black, or olive green.