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There is nothing quite like getting the compliment that you smell good. Regardless of the season, perfume can act as an invisible veil of “something extra,” the perfect complement to an outfit or makeup look that can just as easily get all eyes on you. Though it’s a classic beauty accessory, certain scent profiles lend themselves to specific times of year – florals in the spring, citrus in the summer, and ouds in the winter, for example. While you can wear musky notes year-round, the cool fall weather is the prime time for the ingredient to shine.

Historically coming from animals like male deer or civets, musk perfumes of today are typically made of a synthetic version of the molecule meant to mimic the scent of skin. They are often paired with other, more fragrant notes – think gourmand, heady, or sweet scents – as a base note to help add a deeper, cozy vibe.

Whether it’s a straight-up musky perfume or used as a base, middle, or top note, these fragrances range from subtle to bold. They can be great for people who don’t typically like perfume or prefer scents that feel like a warm hug. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, POPSUGAR editors have tested countless musk perfumes to recommend only the best that deserve your attention.

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