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Brides-to-be know just how many little details there are to consider when planning a wedding. Not only do you have to put together the big day itself, but you have a lot of mini celebrations leading up to the event to prepare for, like your bachelorette party, and your respective glam.

The magic of these smaller events is that they induce a lot less pressure. Your bachelorette nails are the perfect opportunity to have fun and show off your personal style as a bride. In general, wedding nails are typically understated and subtle, but your manicure for your bachelorette party can be bold and utilize some of the latest and greatest nail trends. When selecting the one, there are a few factors to take into consideration. The location, weather, season, and overall theme of your wedding are just a few details that can help guide you to the right design.

Just in case you need any further proof that your bachelorette nails can and should be personal, just look at Vanessa Hudgens. For her Aspen girls’ weekend, the actor’s bachelorette nails combined her fiancé’s name and her love for gothic elements. She went with a black-and-white motif with an ombré french design and the words “Bride” and “Mrs. T” spelled out across each hand. But if being bold and daring just isn’t who you are, you can stick to the classics, as Simone Biles did for her bachelorette party manicure. The Olympic gymnast went with the viral glazed-doughnut nails for a trendy yet understated look.

To get inspiration for your own bachelorette nails, keep scrolling as we share a combination of timeless and trendy options.