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There is nothing that screams “sophisticated” more than a new haircut. Whether you opt for something short and flirty like a bob or try an avant-garde look, á la the jellyfish, a fun cut gives you an instant. Every year, some variation of a tried-and-true style makes its way down runways all over the world and this year is no different. If you’ve been feeling snippy, there is one fall style, in particular, that’s really gaining traction: blunt haircuts.

Spotted at the LaQuan Smith spring/summer ’24 New York Fashion Week show, and more recently on actor Rachel Brosnahan during Paris Fashion Week, the sleek cut is often combined with shiny, glassy hair for a super sleek finish. It can be worn anywhere and at any time, making it as versatile as it is pretty. “LaQuan Smith’s shows are all about that glamour,” celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway says in a press release. After seeing the collection, Redway knew she wanted the hairstyles to feel “crisp with some bold flair, blunt ends, and sharp center parting.”

How to Style a Blunt Haircut

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a runway model to get this look. Redway shared a few tips for styling a blunt haircut to really accentuate the sharpness of the ends, and it starts with straightening your hair. “Prep the hair with a blowout balm or curl mousse to nourish and lock in moisture,” Redway says. “Then, create a sharp center part.”

To keep the part intact, dry and straighten it after you’ve already separated the hair. Once you get the desired look, spritz some hairspray onto a brush and run it through the ends. “This helps to secure the style and get rid of any flyaways,” Redway says.

Blunt Haircut Inspiration

If you’re ready for your makeover, we don’t blame you. Ahead, we round up the best blunt haircut ideas to save as inspiration. From blunt bob haircuts to longer styles, read ahead to start planning your new look.