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November is one of our favorite months in the bruja community. It’s a time of heightened activity from spirits and powerful psychic activations. Many call this time of the year “spooky season,” but we just call it the season of the witch. It’s the perfect month to lean into your ancestors, perform candle magic, and conjure up some healing.

A long overdue Saturn retrograde brings a sense of stability earlier this month on Nov. 4 when it stations direct as a result of its four-month-long crawl in the sign of Pisces. This month is a great time to welcome spiritual aptitude for all to harness when navigating challenging situations. It’s also a time to practice water rituals like shower meditations or spiritual baños to help center ritual work that requires purging and purification.

October ended the month with a chaotic Taurus lunar eclipse, and this month carries over some of its sentiment. There could be a focus on wanting to get rid of debts or build wealth. November isn’t as action-packed as October was, which can ultimately be a nice change of pace for the collective. The Scorpio new moon on Nov. 13 will bring on the witchy vibes. This will be a pleasant new moon where you can anticipate a revival in love and unspoken feelings to be revealed. Don’t be surprised if secret romances make their debut. On a personal note, finding new ways to explore your love language can be fun to play around with at this time.

The Gemini full moon on Nov. 27 helps calm tempers with its smooth-talking influence. This is a time when you will gain positive results from expressing your thoughts and advocating for your voice. Generally, a pleasant full moon, emphasizes efforts that help you reframe negative self-talk. This is a great time to consider opting for talk therapy methods to harness this energy.

Now what does your tarotscope have in store for you? Tarotscopes merge the divination tools of tarot and astrology horoscopes based on your zodiac sign to provide you with a magical fusion of forecasting. Read on for your sun sign and rising sign to understand how November’s tarot reading is going to influence you.

Tarot Card of the Month: Ten of Wands

The overall tarot card pull for the general collective is the ten of wands.
November could feel like a month where you’ve taken on too much and you’re on the verge of overwhelm. Setting expectations for yourself and others is crucial as the month progresses. There will be a lot happening in your inner world, which can make you feel the need to overgive and overpromise. The energy might feel daunting, but it’s a month of delegating and releasing unnecessary burdens. Self-regulating will be key as you navigate these energies. Tending to obligations can become overbearing this month as well, but take small steps forward in order to win the race. Perhaps it’s a time of re-evaluating what is of true importance in your life, and letting go of responsibilities that weren’t yours to begin with. Assess where in your life you are holding on too tightly. There are new opportunities waiting to be birthed. Wrap up lingering cycles and banish the scarcity mindset when it knocks at your door.