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With Fashion Month behind us, there is likely no one more relieved than the designers themselves. “Fashion Month is probably when I’m the most neglectful of my skin,” fashion designer Christian Siriano tells POPSUGAR. “After the season, I tend to have to really focus and put in some work on it again.”

That’s why Siriano felt it was fitting to collaborate with drugstore skin-care brand Olay to create a collection completely dedicated to self-care. “I want people to feel good at home,” Siriano says. On a mission to merge comfort and style, he came up with three new products for the Christian Siriano x Olay collection: a robe, rubber slides, and a dropp kit that doubles as a purse. Each piece is inspired by the brand’s new Super Serum ($25), a five-in-one product that addresses a multitude of skin concerns like hydration, fine lines, and wrinkles (and is POPSUGAR approved.)

“The packaging was already beautiful, having this kind of pearlescent pink and purple tint,” Siriano says. “The bottle is also very sculptural, so it had a lot of design elements to it that I could pull inspiration from.” Each piece in the collection ranges from $60 to $80, and they’re all items that Siriano himself plans on using over the next few months as he indulges in his favorite form of post-fashion month self-care.

“My favorite way to decompress is to either do some retail therapy and shop for furniture or watch a movie that I love,” he says. “I’ll even watch a really intense action movie because it’s so unrealistic and so far from what my life actually is, that it really takes me somewhere else, mentally.”

Siriano’s schedule often finds him running around Hollywood dressing some of the biggest celebrities in the industry or working on special projects, like this one as Olay’s Chief Drop Officer, but these days you’re more likely to find him in his home in Connecticut recharging from the chaos of yet another one of his iconic fashion shows – that is, until he does it all again next year.

You can shop the Christian Siriano x Olay collection on Nov. 14 on Ahead, we’ve got a sneak peek at the items in the line so you can get your shopping carts ready for the big day.