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LONDON — Inside Olivia von Halle’s head, it’s all fine silks, diamonds and Liberace-esque maximalism.

The fashion designer is teaming with her friend, fine jewelry designer Jessica McCormack, on a small, seven-piece collection that includes pajamas, a camisole, top and shorts, a bridal robe and an eye mask. It launches April 18 and is available for early sign-up on the Olivia von Halle website.

The pajamas, unlike any other standard luxury pair, are embroidered with quirky iconography that borrow from McCormack’s Heirloom jewelry boxes priced at 20,000 pounds.

A pair of midnight blue and ivory pajamas feature boards, stars, wings, hearts and compasses — motifs that could look like they’re out of an A. E. Waite and P. Colman Smith tarot card deck.

“I have quite a Gothic side to me, and Olivia brings something more ethereal and floral, so the motifs felt like a great way to represent both aesthetics,” said McCormack in an interview.

Olivia von Halle x Jessica Mccormack

Olivia von Halle x Jessica McCormack

“There was a lot of synergy [between us]. She had this treasure trove of beautiful icons to explore,” added von Halle.

The ivory pajamas feature diamond and ruby buttons that are designed to be taken off, which are priced at 16,650 pounds.

Even von Halle finds the pricing comical, but understands that there’s a demand for uber luxury and quiet luxury, as well as affordable pieces that start at 150 pounds.

For McCormack, bridal is a robust business, as it is for von Halle. There’s an affinity between the two brands.

Both women work with Hand & Lock, which has been embroidering in London since 1767. McCormack uses their services for her Heirloom boxes and von Halle for the pajama embroidery. 

Olivia von Halle x Jessica Mccormack

Olivia von Halle x Jessica McCormack

One year, McCormack gifted her top customers with Olivia von Halle pajamas for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

The two women met more than 10 years ago through the fashion designer’s husband, who was working on a corporate video for McCormack at the time.

Before von Halle’s 30th birthday, her husband wanted to surprise her with a piece of jewelry from McCormack, but he was eventually busted by his wife, who went in and chose a piece herself.

“He very kindly gave me the New York ring for my birthday and I’ve worn it every day since,” said von Halle.

Over the years McCormack and von Halle have built a strong friendship — founding businesses that cater to the same affluent women.

A few years back, von Halle started The Founders Collective along with McCormack, Alessandra Rich and Anjhe Mules, meeting once a month to support and discuss the highs and lows of being London-based women in business.

Olivia von Halle

Olivia von Halle Courtesy of Olivia von Halle

“We’d get people to come in and speak to us. It was a really lovely support network,” said von Halle, speaking fondly of the women.

Von Halle has been shifting gears for her brand — moving away from digital marketing, which was once a golden goose, and tapping into immersive experiences such as flower giving on Valentine’s Day outside the brand’s store in Sloane Square or delivering pajamas on furoshiki — traditional Japanese wrapping cloths.

Even though her business specializes in pajamas, there’s a steady arm of ready-to-wear dresses that the brand offers, but the fashion designer is keen to keep it at a slow pace.

“What our customers really love about the dresses is that it’s a bit secretive — they go to a wedding and everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, I love that dress.’ I sort of like that element of naughtiness within that category [dresses] that sort of feels like you’re being quite rebellious and breaking the rules by wearing a nightie to a black tie party,” said von Halle.