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Dua Lipa’s tattoos have been the source of inspiration for many tattoo appointments – though, if we’re being honest, the “Sweetest Pie” singer has heavily influenced many different areas of our beauty routines. From her trendy manicures (if you haven’t peeped her latest french tips or her aura nails, trust us, you need to) to her major hair transformations, she’s always giving us ideas. Lipa is like a living, breathing, walking ad for tiny tattoos. We could spend hours scrolling through her collection of body art, admiring each meaningful tattoo and reading the story behind it.

From phrases like “Mum and Dad” to nods to her discography and little designs that are so discreet, you almost miss them, the star has quite the assortment of tattoos at just 27 years old. Lipa’s tattoos back to 2015 with her first “Sunny Hill” tattoo, which is a tribute to her home in Kosovo. Since then, over the last eight years, she’s added over 15 pieces of ink scattered mainly on her arms and fingers. A couple of our favorites? A barbed wire design in the shape of a heart and a palm tree.

To see for yourself, keep scrolling. We rounded up all of Lipa’s tattoos and their meanings.