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If there’s one thing I didn’t add to my 2023 bingo card, it’s that we’d all be thirsting over Ghostface on TikTok. Yup, the iconic “Scream” killer who previously gave us nightmares is now fueling people’s fantasies. Watch the videos, then you’ll get it.

In the original viral TikTok that has more than 10.5 million views, the content creator holds the “Scream” killer’s mask with the text, “POV: You got the Ghostface mask for your husband.” While audio from the 1996 thriller – Ghostface asking Drew Barrymore’s character, “Do you have a boyfriend?” – plays over an electronic beat, the creator’s husband appears wearing the mask and a tight black T-shirt. He casually leans against a doorframe and grabs his wife’s waist. Honestly, it’s hot.


UPDATE: I GOT IT 😈 #ghostface #husbandsoftiktok #maskedmen #doorframelean

♬ Scream audio edit – 3rachaace 樂☆

The comments on the video are absolutely feral. One person said, “Oh god. I need to experience this rn.” Another said, “How does it feel to live MY DREAM.” And one comment that has more than 52,000 likes said, “I think something is wrong with us.”

Actually, though, there’s nothing wrong with you if you suddenly find yourself very attracted to this very scary antagonist. It’s simple psychology.

Costumes “show off our sexual side” as well as “create a sense of anonymity,” clinical psychologist Lisa Lawless, PhD, CEO of the sexual wellness education platform and shop Holistic Wisdom, previously told POPSUGAR.

Also, when you wear a costume and adopt a new persona, you may find you feel more open to “tap into new types of sex that your ‘real life’ self wouldn’t think out or feel comfortable asking for,” sex educator Searah Deysach previously told POPSUGAR.

Another thing to blame for your sudden interest in a psycho murderer: your mind-body connection. “Thrill-inducing experiences, such as haunted houses or scary movies, can increase one’s heart rate and give an adrenaline rush. These physiological responses are similar to sexual arousal and can give people the sense that they are sexually excited, even if they are just scared,” Dr. Lawless said.

Basically, scary things can be thrilling in more ways than one.

That’s not to say you need to justify your horniness to anybody. So if you suddenly want to scream Ghostface’s name, don’t miss out on the opportunity to role-play: Amazon is currently selling the Ghostface mask ($36) with two-day delivery, which means it’ll be here just in time for Halloweekend.