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HBO’s lavish drama “The Gilded Age” is finally returning for season two on Oct. 29. But if you don’t quite remember how season one wrapped up its many storylines starring a bevy of characters, we can’t blame you; the season finale aired way back in March 2022. The show, inspired by true stories, put its cast through the ringer in season one, with a flurry of storylines, balls, and even one very silly dance number.

Let’s set the scene. Carrie Coon plays Bertha Russell, who’s determined to make a name for herself and her family in New York. Her husband, George (Morgan Spector), is a railroad tycoon made great by “new money,” and they share kids Gladys (Taissa Farmiga) and Larry (Harry Richardson). Meanwhile, across the street, Agnes (Christine Baranski) leads the Brook household, trying to keep her sister Ada (Cynthia Nixon), son Oscar (Blake Ritson), and niece Marian (Louisa Jacobson) in line. Denée Benton plays Peggy Scott, Agnes’s secretary and a rare Black woman in their very white world. Add in all the servants, the Astors, and wider New York society, and it’s a lot of people to keep track of.

Ahead of “The Gilded Age” season two, let’s take a quick look back at the season one finale and where all our characters ended up.