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Going dry is easier than ever. 

This fall, author, journalist and sober-curious expert Hilary Sheinbaum is releasing her latest book “Going Dry,” which is touted as a “a practical guide to drinking less and living more.” 

The book, which has a foreword from sober-curious influencer Lauryn Bosstick, comes on the heels of major movements in the nonalcoholic space, including trendy celeb-backed brands like Katy Perry’s De Soi, Bella Hadid’s Kin Euphorics and Blake Lively’s Betty Buzz. In addition, more celebrities, like Tom Holland and Chrissy Teigen, have discussed their journeys with sobriety and cutting back. 

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Hilary Sheinbaum

Hilary Sheinbaum Courtesy

In addition, offerings for the sober curious have become increasingly accessible as more nonalcoholic bottle shops open and retailers like Target have committed space to dry beverages. Plus, Dry January has inspired other months like Sober October and Dry July, as more people are opting out of drinking for certain periods of time. 

Here, Sheinbaum shares insights on her new book, “Going Dry,” and the evolution of the sober-curious movement. 

WWD: What is “Going Dry”?

Hilary Sheinbaum: “Going Dry” is a workbook for individuals who are trying out a sober-curious lifestyle. This workbook is really a judgment-free guide that’s a little bit more attuned to how people are going through the process of going dry, whether it’s for a week or a month, or longer than that. This one dives a little bit deeper into people’s mindset and why they feel the way they feel. 

Sheinbaum’s first book “The Dry Challenge.” Courtesy

WWD: How does “Going Dry” build on your first book “The Dry Challenge”?

H.S.: With “Going Dry,” it’s more about digging deeper, really writing out your thoughts and feelings, whereas “The Dry Challenge” was more geared towards, “These are the benefits and this is a cool way to celebrate.” “Going Dry” is more personal. “The Dry Challenge” was more like, “Here’s an idea. Here’s what it does.”

WWD: What ignited the sober-curious movement? 

H.S.: A lot has changed in the sober-curious and nonalcoholic spaces. My last book “The Dry Challenge” came out during the pandemic, December 2020, when people were dealing with a lot of overconsumption of alcohol. Coming out of it, they were realizing it was time to cut back. As we emerged from the pandemic and life inside, people were starting to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol. That’s when all of these nonalcoholic beverages and the sober-curious lifestyle was taking off in the mainstream.

WWD: How has the nonalcoholic space evolved? 

H.S.: It has evolved so much in the best way. Now there are so many more options. As time has gone on, they’ve become more refined. They’re on bar and restaurant menus. We’re inclusive of people who are abstaining for life or abstaining for the evening or anything in between.

WWD: Speaking of bars and restaurants, you help curate these menus via your platform What’s the significance of these establishments having nonalcoholic options? 

H.S.: It’s important to have those options on the menus and visible so that people who aren’t drinking have permission to ask for it. There are a lot of restaurants and bars that say, “Hey, of course we can whip something up,” but being able to point to something that looks delicious and refreshing and is just as sophisticated and made with care as cocktails are, that’s important. 

WWD: Dry January has become more popular and people are opting for additional sober days, weeks and months. Why is that?

H.S.: Cutting back, if not giving up alcohol for a longer period of time, it helps you analyze where you stand in terms of your alcohol consumption. When you peel back 100 percent for a designated portion of time, you realize how it is impacting everything from your skin to your mood to your energy levels to your sleep. For people who aren’t necessarily looking to give up alcohol forever and ever, it will definitely help you realize how alcohol is impacting all of those elements. 

WWD: For your first book “The Dry Challenge” Love Wellness founder Lo Bosworth wrote the foreword. “Going Dry” features words from The Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Bosstick. Why was she the right fit? 

H.S.: Lauryn is super smart. She is a trailblazer in so many ways, and she’s at the forefront of a lot of wellness conversations. Having somebody who has experienced going dry for a period of time and can speak to the benefits is amazing. She’s such a wellness icon, so it just made sense I would have her write the foreword. 

WWD: What’s been the most exciting or surprising change in the nonalcoholic space? 

H.S.: The bottle shop thing is a big one and just having so many different retailers that are stocking these products. When I was looking for options there really weren’t any back in 2017, and now I can walk into Whole Foods and see nonalcoholic lines. I can order them on Amazon and it’s just so much more readily available.

“Going Dry” will be available on Sept. 3 on Amazon and additional retailers. Sheinbaum’s first book “The Dry Challenge” is also available on Amazon and at Target

Sheinbaum’s Go-to ‘Nogroni’ (a nonalcoholic take on the classic Negroni featured in “Going Dry”) 


1 1/2 oz (44 ml) Free Spirits The Spirit of Milano or nonalcoholic aperitivo of choice

1 1/2 oz (44 ml) Free Spirits The Spirit of Gin or nonalcoholic gin of choice

1 1/2 oz (44 ml) Free Spirits The Spirit of Vermouth Rosso or nonalcoholic vermouth of choice

Orange peel, for garnish


1. In a rocks glass, combine the spirits over one large ice cube and stir.

2. Garnish with an orange peel.

Editor’s Note: Sheinbaum noted “Going Dry” is not a means for recovery but rather a tool for inspiration around sober curiosity.