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The Skinny Confidential is heading to Nordstrom. 

The brand, founded by influencer and podcast host Lauryn Bosstick is launching at more than 90 doors with two of its bestselling products: the Hot Mess Ice Roller, $69, and the Pink Balls Face Massager, $99. This marks the brand’s first nationwide retail partnership.

The Skinny Confidential launches at Nordstrom.

The Skinny Confidential launches at Nordstrom. Courtesy

“Nordstrom is such a no-brainer,” said Bosstick. “It is nostalgic. The Skinny Confidential ice roller and the branding is nostalgic, but it’s also something where you would actually want to go into the shop and feel it and see it.” 

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On Nordstrom’s website, the brand’s Hot Shave Cream, $23; Hot Shave Razor, $25, a facial dermaplaner, and Sleeping Bag, $22, a case for the ice roller, will also be available. 

Bosstick began her blog in 2011 covering all things beauty, wellness and routines. As the blog continued to evolve to include a podcast and a growing community — Bosstick has 1.2 million followers on Instagram — the product line, which launched in April 2021, became a key portion of the business, which she plans to grow.

“Our brand is a daily habit brand,” she said.

This year, the brand expanded its habit-based product offering to include body care. In this segment are the Bougie Driving Gloves, $35, to protect from UVA and UVB, and the Le Spoon Body Sculptor, $89, a lymphatic drainage tool. According to Bosstick, another body care product is launching in December.

The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller

The Skinny Confidential Hot Mess Ice Roller. Sarah Shen Photo

As far as who the brand’s core customer is, it’s very clear to Bosstick.

“Our core customer is 21 to 45. They are someone who constantly is trying to be the best version of themselves,” she said. “It’s definitely a wide age range of women, but at the core, it’s someone who’s a tastemaker.”

With this in mind, she expects the Nordstrom launch to be a way to engage her current community and acquire likeminded customers. However, Bosstick can see where a seemingly unexpected shopper at Nordstrom might also be drawn to the brand, she said.

The Skinny Confidential Pink Balls Face Massager

The Skinny Confidential Pink Balls Face Massager Courtesy

“Who is it that’s coming to Nordstrom? Are there more people? Sure,” she said. “I could see a grandma walking by and being like, ‘What are these balls and can I put them on my face?’”

As the brand launches at Nordstrom, Bosstick noted product development will continue to be top of mind.

“Anything that has to do with your daily routine, we want to touch and romanticize whatever that is, and make it better, prettier and more functional,” she said.

The brand declined to share specific sales figures but noted it expects to surpass eight figures this year.