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HAVE YOU GOT ID? :Your next Mugler purse won’t just carry your identification — it will have its own.

The brand has teamed up with French blockchain specialist Arianee to roll out digital product passports in the Spiral Curve 01 and Spiral Curve 02 bags, starting with the purses available in stores and on the brand’s e-commerce site from September.

In addition to authentification and traceability, the digital passports will be “digital engagement platforms” that give users access to behind-the-scenes content, event invitation and early access sales, according to Mugler.

Owners can scan a QR code to start the registration process for their bags, and the digital record will provide ownership validation, historical tracking and follow the purse should it go to a new owner.

“We believe digital product passport technology offers endless opportunities to build a more direct, interactive, and truly personalized relationship with our clients,” said Mugler managing director Adrian Corsin.

For Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee’s cofounder and chief executive officer, the project was a great way to showcase the possibilities of digital product passports, which he expects to be instrumental to “circularity, compliance and engagement strategies.”

In his opinion, they “can push the boundaries of innovation and build new ways to interact with clients and create business opportunities beyond the constraint of regulation.”

Digital passports carrying product composition, origin and other information such as repair, maintenance and recycling instructions are among the requirements outlined by the European Commission in the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles set out in 2022.

The requirements for the digital product passport are expected to be rolled out from 2026.