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It’s time for a brain boost. 

Supplement brand Olly is launching a lineup of cognitive products employing nootropics, which will be available at Target and

The adult collection includes Cognitive Thinker Brainy Chews, $20, to boost concentration and cognitive function with Thai ginger extract; Energized Thinker Brainy Chews, $20, to support energy with caffeine and Chill Thinker Brainy Chews, $20, to reduce the effects of stress and provide a sense of calm with L-theanine and magnesium. The kids collection called Brainy L’Olly Pops includes Focus Buddies, $18, to support attention and cognitive function with a branded ingredient called Cognizin Citicoline , and Mellow Buddies, $18, to fight stress and calm the mind with L-theanine.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic when brain fog and stress were top of mind, brands have tapped into the brain care category, which appears to still be a focus for customers when buying supplements. Last year, Olly, which is owned by Unilever, dove into another mood-centric category with a line of adaptogen-infused capsules.

Olly Chill Thinker Brainy Chews

Olly Chill Thinker Brainy Chews Courtesy

“We were seeing a growing market trend overall on cognitive supplements,” said Punam Patel, vice president of product. “We have a Laser Focus, $14, gummy in the market also in the cognition space. We had a very strong and positive response on that product. The two combined led us to thinking this is the right time to launch something useful, efficacious, but at the same time, fun and delicious.”

In the way of fun and delicious, Olly opted to create two new formats for this line: chews and L’Olly Pops. The brand is known for other unique formats like gummy worms.

Olly Mellow Buddies Brainy L'Olly Pops

Olly Mellow Buddies Brainy L’Olly Pops Courtesy

“We wanted to bring benefit-forward products to our consumers, but we wanted to make sure they’re very delightful for that particular age group,” Patel said. “We do want to make sure that they’re delicious enough for the kids to finish the entire dose.”

Furthermore, both products are individually wrapped so that they can be taken on-the-go, and they feature ingredients that are fast-acting, as consumers are often looking for near immediate solutions for stress and focus. In addition, Patel expects the products to speak to a wide array of consumers.

“Whether you’re going for a stressful meeting, or you’re just burned out and you still have homework to do, this is open to all,” she said. “This is not focused on any specific gender or age.”

The brand declined to share specific projections, but industry sources estimate the line could reach between $2 million and $5 million in sales its first year. Concurrently, the Olly team expects the cognitive function category to continue growing.

“We all live a very stressful and a very active and a very busy life,” Patel said. “Given the success we are seeing with Laser Focus and the market trends we’re seeing, we do see that this will be a category that will continue to grow.”