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Call it the sweet smell of success.

After launching her debut fragrance last year, a chocolate-inspired scent called Sweet Tooth, Sabrina Carpenter is introducing her second perfume, called Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream. It debuted on and TalkShopLive on Monday before rolling out in full distribution on Sept. 7, which includes Walmart stores and other mass market retailers.

Prices range from $10 for a body spray to $29.99 for a full-sized eau de parfum.

The line extension follows the brand’s launch, which got off to “a roaring start,” according to Steve Mormoris, Scent Beauty’s founder and chief executive officer. “It is one of the fastest-growing fragrances in the U.S. market, we’ve had phenomenal user reviews,” he said of the brand’s debut stock keeping unit, Sweet Tooth.

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Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream includes notes of caramelized amber, patchouli, dark chocolate bean, sugared lemon, orange zest, freesia, vanilla and fluffy musk. It was developed by Firmenich perfumer Gil Clavien.

“It’s something that feels a bit more sophisticated, it’s a perfect autumn scent,” Carpenter said. “When I was creating Caramel Dream, I wanted it to feel like [Sweet Tooth’s] hot older sister.”

Carpenter added that a year in, developing fragrances has been just as personal a process as songwriting, but has also given her more technical know-how. “When you’re creating a fragrance, you have to take all these things into consideration: how long the perfume wears, how the scent changes over time and the coloring of the fragrance, plus the bottle.”

Neither commented on sales, but industry sources estimate Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream to hit $10 million in retail sales in its first year on the market, which would double the brand’s overall volume.

“It is extremely well embraced by women and men,” Mormoris said. “It’s very fascinating, but the fragrance is creating a luxury genre of sweetness at an accessible price.”

Mormoris noted that the channels have shifted significantly in fragrance in the past five years. “We’ve seen a strong resurgence of the mass market because the mass market are selling luxurious products. There’s no longer this strict compartmentalization of having expensive luxury goods in department stores and cheap stuff in the mass market,” he said. “Big retailers like Walmart are leading the charge and creating strong beauty divisions, and they are very supportive of high-quality products at a more accessible price.”

The other piece, he noted, was brand storytelling. To that end, Carpenter appears in the launch’s new campaign. “The mass market has done an admirable job of creating better brand selection, much more content on their ecommerce platforms to actually educate consumers about the fragrance and olfactory content, plus the introduction of testers in store,” Mormoris said. “What we’ve done well is partner with artists like Sabrina Carpenter to create an ecosystem of content where consumers can experience the brand.”