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Shayde Beauty is expanding into a lifestyle brand, as it is launching its first candle called Ritual, $58.

The brand was founded in 2018 by Shay Paresh with a mission to create efficacious products for melanated skin.

“I struggled all my life with acne and acne scars and then the scars would lead to hyperpigmentation and as a woman of color, it’s really hard to treat. I used products growing up that made my skin worse,” Paresh told WWD. “A lot of skin products are not tested on skin of color, which is shocking when 40 percent of [the] American population has skin of color. A lot of the time, these products, the percentages of the active ingredients are quite higher so they end up doing more damage to the skin.”

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The brand’s current offering includes Overnight Glow Up, $56, an overnight mask for dark spots and acne scars; Luxe Night Cream, $62, a brightening and firming moisturizer, and The Vitamin C Brightening Serum, $58, an evening treatment that is Shayde Beauty’s bestseller.

Shayde Beauty founder Shay Paresh

Shayde Beauty founder Shay Paresh

While the company will continue to launch skin care, Paresh always intended to position Shayde Beauty as a lifestyle brand.

“I’ve always seen myself branching out into the lifestyle section. I wanted to grow with our consumer and for us, this felt like the right time,” she said. “I am a bit of a nomad, so I like to find ways to feel like I’m at home. I’m making the space my own and the way I like to do that is with my routine or my ritual,” hence the Ritual candle.

Paresh recommends users light the candle at night while doing their skin care routine. Ritual, which is hand-poured in the United States, features notes of heliotrope, almond and saffron to create a scent that Paresh describes as “calming, woodsy…sweet and nutty.”

With this new launch, Paresh is gearing up for brand expansion. Shayde Beauty will have two new skin care launches and several lifestyle launches in 2024, according to the brand, and expects to quadruple sales over the next year, Paresh said.