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Hailey Bieber has a knack for taking minimalist beauty looks to new heights. She’s the reason glazed donut nails changed the manicure landscape, glazed donut skin is a thing, and “strawberry makeup” instantly started trending as soon as she tried the look. She also has a thing for dessert-inspired beauty, and her new hair transformation is the perfect example.

Just in time for fall, Bieber is kickstarting what her colorist Matt Rez calls the “cinnamon cookie butter” hair trend. We expect to see it everywhere as the weather gets colder, since the warm tone is just itching to be paired with sweaters, hot coffee, and falling leaves.

On Aug 16, Rez posted a video of her fresh dye job, where the model’s hair was in her typical shoulder-length bob cut, but instead of her sandy bronde shade, it was dyed a deeper brown with some slight streaks of cinnamon red and a general glow of gingery-brown.

“The inspo was honestly the cookie butter,” Rez tells Byrdie exclusively, which makes sense given Bieber’s penchant for beauty inspired by sweet treats. She also brought inspo photos full of gold and caramel tones, but the duo didn’t want to go into full red-head territory—instead adding some “copper undertones and reflects” into Bieber’s brunette.

Rez adds that they had been planning a switch up for fall for a while. “She’s just so at the forefront of anything beauty and fashion, she’s always very good with that. I love that she knows what she likes and she’s very good at describing it.”

If you’re feeling inspired to try cookie butter hair for yourself, Rez stresses that it’s important to tell your hair colorist to stay in the brunette family,  “don’t go into the blonde world.” He then adds to ask for “minimal highlights and midlights that are a level or two—maximum three—lighter than your base.” He continues, “I would ask for dark golds, light browns, with a little bit of coppery reflects to be weaved or foiled into your hair. It’s a foil technique, not a whole head color, and to maintain depth with your natural would really be the best way to get the result.”

Though he says that this isn’t a traditional red shade, Rez adds that you should be “open to warmth” if you want to get the look. “If you’re an ash type of a person, I would never go into this world.”


To debut the new style, Bieber stuck to the basics when it came to her look, really highlighting her new ‘do—wearing a plain white crop top, light wash blue jeans, chunky gold earrings, some rings, and gold and black sunglasses. 

Also on display was her strawberry girl makeup, which pairs perfectly with the ginger tones in her hair. On top of her glazed donut skin, she had shiny pink blush on her cheeks, fake freckles, and glossy strawberry-red lips; making her look good enough to eat.