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“The Boys” has come a long way over the years. In 2006, it debuted as a comic book series under the comic book imprint WildStorm. After it was abruptly canceled, the series was then picked up by Dynamite Entertainment, who continued to publish the comics until its conclusion in 2012. Although it’s been over a decade since the main story ended, “The Boys” has continued to grow through spinoff comics and web series. In July 2019, the franchise got the live-action treatment through an Amazon Prime Video series. After four years, it’s still going strong on the streaming platform with a fourth season on the way.

In fact, “The Boys” has been so successful that Prime Video expanded the universe with its first-ever spinoff series, “Gen V.” The show, which premiered on Sept. 29 and concluded on Nov. 3, features a new set of wild Supe characters played by Jaz Sinclair, Lizzie Broadway, Chance Perdomo, and more.

Now that “Gen V” has finished its first season, it’s clear there’s a lot of overlap with “The Boys,” from Vought cameos to similar Supe crises. With this in mind, you might be wondering how the two shows are so connected. Well, let us explain.

What Is “The Boys” About?

“The Boys” takes place in a world full of super-powered individuals who work for the powerful corporation Vought International. The company markets them like huge movie stars, and the most powerful superheroes are invited to join Vought’s elite superhero team known as the Seven. Although the general public thinks superheroes are selfless, many are actually greedy behind the scenes. The only reason their corruption isn’t widely known is because Vought does everything they can to keep their secret from being exposed. As a result, former special forces operative Billy Butcher creates a team of vigilantes known as The Boys in hopes of showing the public the truth.

What Is “Gen V” About?

“Gen V” is set in the same universe as “The Boys.” It follows a group of young adults as they train to become superheroes at the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, which is run by Vought International. The show explores the intense exams and competitions that up-and-coming superheroes must endure before they make it big, though it also exposes a deadly virus being developed that could wipe out all Supes.

How Does “Gen V” Connect to “The Boys”?

According to “The Boys” showrunner Eric Kripke, “Gen V” is set during the third season of “The Boys.” That means some things that happened during then were seen and referenced in the spinoff – like Homelander lasering that civilian’s head off and Victoria Neuman’s political run. “There’s definitely crossover,” Kripke said while talking to Deadline in July 2022. “We’re doing our best to design a universe that sees some of the issues and storylines in season three [of ‘The Boys’] hand off to the first season in [‘Gen V’].”

Kripke even teased some of the easter eggs that fans may want to double-check in the new series. “There’s a presidential campaign happening in the background of that season, and there’s certain things that are happening at that school that are both in reaction to season three of ‘The Boys.'” He also confirmed the characters from “The Boys” that make cameos in “Gen V,” including Soldier Boy. Most exciting of all, Kripke hinted that “Gen V” leads into the upcoming fourth season of “The Boys.” Per “Gen V”‘s finale, the massacre that takes place at Godolkin leads Homelander to the university. It also appears to attract Butcher as he’s seen creeping around the college in an end-credits scene.

It’s unclear what this all means for the future. But lucky for us, “Gen V” season two is on the way, and it’ll get a handoff from “The Boys” season four once the latter concludes. This means even more connections will be made across the series’ overlapping timelines, and who doesn’t love a good crossover?

Catch up on all seasons of “The Boys” and “Gen V” streaming now on Prime Video.