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Putting on fake eyelashes can instantly elevate your makeup look, but most people cringe at the thought of applying them. Though you may not be wearing falsies every day (though you totally can if that’s your style), it’s still helpful to know how to put them on if the occasion arises. From big moments like weddings and proms to Halloween makeup and even just a really fancy date night, there are a handful of instances that may call for a strip of eyelashes, and it’s good to be prepared. Aside from a super-flattering lipstick shade, fake lashes are the one product that has the power to truly transform your entire look.

If you’re wondering how to put on fake eyelashes, you’re not alone. For many people, even the thought of attempting the task is too intimidating to consider. Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to master it. There are also new products on the market designed to make the task even easier. Depending on your preference, you can try lash strips, individual lashes, and half strips of lashes.

With expert tips from Romero Jennings, a global makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics, you’ll find it’s actually simple to master. Dig up your lash glue, grab a mirror, and get ready to master how to apply fake lashes once and for all.

Additional reporting by Jessica Harrington