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As someone who has long struggled with anxiety, I’ve tried just about every remedy in the book to help calm my nerves in stressful situations and find more productive ways to relax – particularly before I go to bed. Sleep teas, meditation apps, soothing candles, melatonin pills, you name it – if there’s a product that’s marketed as having “calming capabilities,” it’s likely already been bought and tested by me. But of all the tools I’ve tried, few have proven to be as effective (or even life-changing) as this Brookstone Nap Weighted Blanket ($210).

The oversize blanket was a gift from my parents who, over the years, have had a front-row seat to see just how quickly my anxiety can get the best of me – most notably in the evenings before I go to sleep, when my mind turns on to full-speed and my thoughts have a tendency to run a hundred miles an hour. Weighted blankets are credited as being a great tool for those who struggle with anxiety, as the weighted nature of the product is designed to help reduce pressure and put the body’s nervous system into a sort of “rest” mode. I’m no researcher, so I won’t pretend like I understand the full science behind how the blanket works – all I know is that it does help, and my quality of sleep has improved dramatically since adding one into my nighttime setup. Ahead, I give my full review of what makes this particular blanket from Brookstone such an unlikely (yet totally effective) resource.

What I Like About the Brookstone Nap Weighted Blanket

The better question is, what’s not to like? There’s already something so relaxing about snuggling up in a blanket and taking the time to unwind – whether it’s after a long day or in the midst of a panic attack. But the weighted design of this particular blanket elevates that experience to a whole new level by providing me with an added element of comfort – snuggling up in the product truly feels comparable to being embraced in a giant, warm hug, and I find that my body is immediately put at ease. While the blanket is definitely on the heavier side (12 pounds, to be more specific), it’s still breathable enough that I can comfortably keep it on my bed during the fall and winter seasons and well into the summer, too – which is a feat in itself, considering how unbearably warm Arizona summers can be.

I also love how stylish the blanket is. The taupe coloring is incredibly versatile and easy to pair with just about any color scheme in my home. Even when I’m not sleeping with it, I’ll gladly leave it out on my couch or in my living room, and I find that the throw doesn’t feel like an eyesore or out of place simply because of how elevated and luxurious it looks on its own. Plus, with a removable nap covering, I can clean the weighted blanket often to ensure it feels fresh and maintains its quality over time.

What’s Worth Noting

Firstly, it’s important to note that this weighted blanket clocks in at a total weight of 12 pounds and is designed specifically for adults. While a teenager, tween, or even kiddo might still enjoy getting to snuggle up underneath it from time to time, it’s best suited for adults who won’t get weighed down by its larger design.

Additionally, in order to preserve the quality of the weighted blanket, it’s recommended that users wash the product’s removable nap cover often to ensure that any dirt or discoloration changes don’t build up over time. Per the brand, you can simply remove the blanket’s nap cover, machine wash it cold in a normal washer with no bleach, and then line dry it. The process is incredibly simple and easy to follow, which is refreshing, considering how notoriously tricky weighted blankets can be to wash.

Who Is the Brookstone Nap Weighted Blanket Best For?

Over the years, I’ve discovered that people fall into one of two categories: they love weighted blankets and find that they sleep significantly better with one, or they despise the claustrophobic feeling having one on their body can cause. If you’re someone who falls into the first demographic, then you definitely can’t go wrong with having this product in your household. It’s functional, it’s stylish, and while it’s a tad pricier than what you might spend on a traditional blanket, it’s well worth the investment solely because of its calming capabilities. Plus, if you’re looking for great gifts for people with anxiety (especially ahead of the holiday season), this is certainly a unique and thoughtful option to give a loved one.

Additional Details

  • This weighted blanket is made from Brookstone’s signature polyester nap material, which is stain-resistant (great for spill-prone households) and soft to the touch.
  • Per the brand, the product weighs 12 pounds and is designed for adults.
  • It’s available in two unique colorways, including taupe brown (my shade of choice) and a sharp gray hue.

Where Is the Brookstone Nap Weighted Blanket Available to Shop?

This blanket is available to shop at Amazon, and you can also buy similar variations of the product at retailers like Kohl’s ($90, originally $120) and Brookstone ($213, originally $250).