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On Instagram, specificity is key.

Data from Dash Hudson shows creators who focus on niches — aging skin, curly hair care and fantastical makeup looks, to name a few — are seeing more rapid growth on Instagram than their mega-influencer or generalized-content counterparts.

“We’re seeing it with the types of folks that brands want to work with and where brands are seeing the most impact with their marketing campaigns — it’s those creators with more niche followings that are winning,” said Jillian Robinson, director, global communications and events at Dash Hudson.

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The 10 fastest-growing Instagram beauty creators — whose following sizes range from 20,300 (makeup artist @helloadri) to 554,000 (aesthetician student @mattrandon) — have seen an average 1,122 percent increase in followers in 2023. Beauty as a whole — brands included — saw 6.4 percent growth during the period.

“Creators who post about skin care tend to be the fastest-growing,” said Dash Hudson customer insights manager Quinn Williams, naming @addicted_to_face, who creates skin care content for a 40-plus consumer, as one example. Creators like @brittminetti and @makeupnco, who post about curly hair and makeup launches, respectively, are managing to cut through the noise, too.

“Instagram is very saturated — there are thousands of brands, and [the platform] has been around a long time, but it’s promising to see that there’s a demand for new creators to the market,” said Williams, adding that creator content receives 16 times more engagement than brand content on Instagram.

The 10 fastest-growing beauty influencers on Instagram year-to-date, per Dash Hudson.

Phoebe Reynolds

Phoebe Reynolds courtesy

@phoeberreynolds: +2,494 percent, +216,000 followers

2. Ada Kalisz

Ada Kalisz

Ada Kalisz courtesy

@helloadri: +1,848 percent, +18,700 followers

3. Brittany Minetti

Brittany Minetti

Brittany Minetti courtesy

@brittminetti : +1,045 percent, +92,100 followers

4. Eilidh Moffat

Eilidh Moffat

Eilidh Moffat courtesy

@addicted_to_face: +841 percent, +142,000 followers

5. Matt Randon

Matt Randon

Matt Randon courtesy

@mattrandon: +824 percent, +544,000 followers

6. Emilia Marantos

Emilia Marantos

Emilia Marantos courtesy

@byemmaleah: +656 percent, +122,000 followers

7. Nia Echols

Nia Echols

Nia Echols courtesy

@niakajumulo: +564 percent, +56,500 followers

8. Tiffany Sarah

Tiffany Sarah

Tiffany Sarah courtesy

@makeupnco: +550 percent, +44,500 followers

9. Ola Awosika

 Ola Awosika

Ola Awosika courtesy

@ola_awosika: +451 percent, +194,000 followers

10. Isabel Wright

Isabel Wright

Isabel Wright courtesy

@thewrightglow: +448 percent, +90,000 followers