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As a self-proclaimed neat freak, I spend a lot of my time cleaning my apartment; sometimes, I even go home to my parents’ house just to straighten up the place. In fact, I channel my inner Danny Tanner from “Full House” and pretty much vacuum my apartment almost every day. But when life gets too busy, I assign the task to my robot vacuum, and when I’m inundated with other tasks, I know I have to prioritize cleaning efficiently.

I usually try to mop on a weekly basis, but the entire process of clearing the floor, vacuuming, and then mopping is quite literally a time-consuming chore. Enter the Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner ($300). It’s a three-in-one streamlined cleaning tool that can vacuum and mop at the same time, and it can even clean itself. I have never been more excited to clean up my apartment, and I was beyond impressed with the first use.

What I Like About Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner:

For starters, the fact that it can vacuum and mop all at once is the epitome of efficiency. It usually takes me about an hour or an hour and a half to vacuum and mops my apartment flooring, and now with the HydroVac, it takes me at most 30 minutes. The cherry on top? You don’t have to worry about maintenance as much since this cleaner has a self-cleaning mode. It gets rid of the gunk off the brush roll for you; just empty out the dirty water tank when alerted and rinse the filter.

The HydroVac has plenty of other useful and cool features, like LED lights that will illuminate the pathway so you can see and capture each and every speck of dirt and debris. It also has an LED display that tells you how much battery is left, the surface type, the suction strength, as well as tank levels. However, my favorite part of this cleaner is the fact that it’s cordless, allowing me to seamlessly go from room to room. No more getting tangled in cords or accidentally pulling cords out of the socket.

The mopping capabilities are chef’s kiss perfection. It’s able to deeply clean most sealed hard flooring and even area rugs. From soy sauce spills to hair, it takes care of it all. The HydroVac also helps eliminate odors from rugs as well, which is amazing for those with pets. When I use this to clean my bathroom area rugs, I can prolong them from going into the laundry machine (which I have to pay for).

What’s Worth Noting About the Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner:

Having the cordless HydroVac has been a game-changer for me, but there are a few things to consider before investing in it. Although, it has a relatively slender frame, it’s hard to get it to go fully underneath low beds, couches, and other furniture. You might have to move your bigger pieces around to clean up said areas. Another thing to consider is that you have to use the brand’s own cleaning solution inside the tank since it is specifically designed for the cleaner’s system. Shark states that “using a third party cleaning solution can lead to foaming, streaking, and false triggering of the dirty water sensors.” If you have a specific hardwood or tile cleaner you like to use, I suggest spraying it directly onto the flooring rather than putting it in the cleaning solution tank. The cleaning time lasts around 30-40 minutes, which is perfect for my two-bedroom one bath apartment. However, if you’re in a house, you might need to let it charge in between floors or sections of your home.

Who’s the Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner Best For?

The Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner is great for anyone and everyone who wants to clean efficiently and has a busy lifestyle. It’s also great for those with pets and kids.

Is the Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner Worth the Splurge?

As someone who spends a ton of time cleaning, Shark’s HydroVac Pro Cordless Cleaner is worth every penny. It gets the job done so efficiently, especially if you live in a smaller space. My weekly mopping routine is pretty much done in 30 minutes tops and I don’t even have to get my hands dirty. The HydroVac can truly handle it all, from kitchen spills like honey, soy sauce, and coffee grounds, to loose hairs and fur, and dust bunnies. If you’re looking for a way to make keeping your home clean easier, Shark’s cordless HydroVac Pro XL is so convenient and the way to go.

Additional Details:

  • The Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner vacuums, mops, and cleans itself.
  • It can deep clean sealed hard flooring like, hardwood, tile, marble, and laminate, as well as area rugs with two different speeds.
  • The cordless HydroVac cleaner also comes with a multi-surface cleaning concentrate, a storage charging tray, an extra brushroll, and an extra filter.
  • It has a washable foam filter, LED headlights, and a two tank water system that separates the clean water from the dirty water.
  • It weighs 8.5 pounds and has a runtime of about 30-40 minutes. It takes about four hours to fully charge.

Where is the Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner Available?

The Shark HydroVac Pro XL Cordless Cleaner is available on the brand’s site with 25% off code POP25 ($360), Target ($360), and Amazon ($300).