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In the right hands, a handbag is more than an accessory. For Julia Fox, whose eccentric outfits and revealing-streetwear moments push the limits of fashion, a handbag is never an afterthought – in some cases, it’s the defining piece of the outfit. From a clutch made out of human hair to a six-foot body bag, Fox has reimagined the functional accessory. As a result, we can’t help but select our memorable favorites in her collection.

Most recently, Fox meant business when she hit the pavement in New York City with a comically large briefcase purse in hand. The brown leather briefcase perfectly complemented her knee-high stiletto boots, which she paired with an oversize blazer and a matching tweed skirt in gray. As soon as photos of Fox’s business-casual look hit social media, fans were quick to speculate about what Fox might have been carrying in the massive briefcase. Sketches outlining her next showstopping outfit? Her head-turning garment-bag dress? Latex and duct tape in case she needs to craft a new ensemble on the spot?

Beyond the briefcase, Fox’s expansive handbag collection includes purses in all styles. In May, she effortlessly strutted down the sidewalk in an outfit made entirely of condoms, with a handbag to match. At the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, Fox wore a black evening gown and a clutch made out of human hair. After sneaking a peak at her wardrobe, it’s clear that, regardless of the occasion, Fox has an ensemble ready to go and a handbag to match.

Ahead, explore more of Fox’s unique handbag collection and shop a bag to pair with your everyday looks here.