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Ke Huy and Echo Quan have been together for more than two decades, but they prefer to keep their romance out of the spotlight. According to Town & Country, the award-winning “Everything Everywhere All at Once” actor and the talented language translator met on the set of film “2046” in Hong Kong. In a Guardian profile of Ke Huy, it was revealed that director Wong Kar-wai first suggested Ke Huy and Echo should date, and as of 2023, the pair have been together for 23 years.

Ke Huy and Echo also worked together on the critically acclaimed film “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” though Ke Huy’s preparation for the role left his wife less than thrilled at times. “I practiced [the fanny pack fight scene] for a long time,” he shared during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “The fanny pack is six or seven feet long, and I was constantly throwing this around, wrapping it around my neck and stuff. I ended up breaking a lot of things in the house, and my wife wasn’t too happy about that. Can you imagine? It was just me swinging this fanny pack wherever I go, to the living room, or the bedroom, or the kitchen. I was doing it for months.”

Ahead, take a look at a timeline of Ke Huy and Echo’s romance through the years.