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Kim Kardashian is clearly a trendsetter. You don’t have to think that hard to come up with a fad that she helped to popularize: Contour, bodycon dresses, wrap-around sunglasses, sweatpants as high fashion. Although she may not have invented (or even perfected) any of those things, she is at least partly responsible for their mass appeal. And it appears there’s one trend Kardashian might have gotten in on many years before it hit the ‘Gram: the oat milk mani.

In honor of Kylie Jenner‘s 26th birthday, Kardashian posted two early ’00 throwback pictures with her little sis. In the first, Kardashian is seen holding her hand to her mouth in a faux sense of awe, with light-colored, milky fingertips.

Kim K’s retro rendition of the manicure was short, square-shaped, and glossy, with the same semi-opaque tint seen on the oat milk manis of today. Of course, being that it was so ahead of its time, it was a little different than most current renditions; today’s square manis are usually a little more rounded out at the edges.

The duo also provided valuable Y2K style inspo in the form of Kim’s camouflage baseball cap and Kylie’s pink and black zebra top—patterns that have seen a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to Gen Z’s love of all things 2000s (and TikTok’s ability to spread that love like wildfire).

Of course, fans of the Kardashian-Jenners know that whenever one of the sisters posts a throwback, it almost always provides some vintage inspiration. Like the time Kim shared a photo from 1997 showing the then 17-year-old with the era’s pencil-thin brows (that have since made a bit of a quiet resurgence), playful hairclips, and piece-y, Homecoming Queen-worthy hair. And sister Kourtney Kardashian-Barker also offered up some of her own Y2K inspo when she posted a pic from 1999. In the photo, the reality TV star wears a black mini dress that would make Posh Spice proud. It just goes to show you: Think twice before throwing out those pants you love or those shoes that feel a little out of style. You know never when they’ll come back around.