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Ksubi, an Australian streetwear brand, has launched a new creative artist program called Blank Canvas intended to provide a platform for up-and-coming artists from different mediums and provide them with a “blank canvas” to tell their story.

For the inaugural release, the brand is partnering with Wasabi, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based artist known for his pop iconography. Wasabi, whose real name is Ahmad Johnson Jr., became known for Wasabi World, a 500-piece apparel collection released in 2017 that offered his interpretation of ‘70s punk culture.

His collaboration with Ksubi consists of two T-shirts and a hoodie from Ksubi’s classic 4×4 range, featuring the artist’s signature graphics.  

“To partner with a brand like Ksubi is a big deal,” Wasabi said. “The fact that I am the first Blank Canvas artist is even bigger. I am thrilled for the fashion and art community to experience my work with Ksubi.”

The T-shirts will retail for $120 and the hoodie for $195. They are available at Ksubi stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and London, and online at the brand’s website. Bespoke one-of-one pieces customized by Wasabi will also be available at the Ksubi New York store.

“Ksubi has a long history of engaging with emerging artists,” said Craig King, chief executive officer of the brand. “Blank Canvas is the next step in this evolution, a more formal approach giving the artist the platform to highlight their unique talents whilst getting their designs into the market.”

In the past, Ksubi has partnered with artists including Slawn, Hidji, Dntwatchtv and Slumpy Kev. The plan is to continue this initiative with other artists in the future, but no further details are available at this time.