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Lady Gaga is a trendsetter, icon, fashion legend, and tried-and-true maximalist. Her name alone likely brings to mind over-the-top ensembles like her infamous meat dress, avante-garde red carpet looks, and that time she showed up to the Grammy’s in an egg. What probably doesn’t come to mind when you hear Lady Gaga, though, is minimalist manicures and all-neutral ensembles—making her latest venture into simple aesthetics so much more punk rock.

On August 9, Gaga posted on Instagram announcing the launch of her beauty brand Haus Labs’ new Triclone Skin Tech Concealer, which is available in September. In the photo she sported a beige cloud manicure that almost looked as if she applied a sheer layer of concealer to her nails.

Haus Labs

Cloud nails aren’t a new trend, but they are a new look for someone as maximalist as Gaga. We’ve seen Sofia Richie wear a lavender version, while Halle Berry adds dainty stars on top of hers, and our TikTok For You Page is full of the your-nails-but-better look.

Gaga’s version of the manicure was simple, glossy, and muted. As mentioned, the color was beige, nearly the exact same shade as the concealer she was holding in her hand and applying to her face. They were medium length, extending past her fingers, but not too much. They were squoval (that would be square + oval) shaped, and had a slight shine to each of them.

If you’re trying to recreate Gaga’s beige cloud nails, you may need to head to a salon, as the look takes precision, attention to detail, and practice to get it perfect and streak free. But, if you’re feeling up for the challenge, we got you covered with the step-by-step. 

Haus Labs

First and foremost, you will need to file your nails to the desired length and shape—squoval if you’re copying Gaga, but any shape will do. Then, apply cuticle oil, and push back your cuticles for access to the whole nail bed.

After wiping the oil off, apply a base coat meant to prevent ridges and streaks, like Dazzle Dry Transform Ridge Filler ($24). Then, you’ll want to coat your nails with a thin layer of sheer polish like the Jinsoon Nail Polish in Dew ($18) for your first coat. Once your thin coat dries—with emphasis on thin—you’ll need to go in with a second thin coat before applying a high-shine top coat like the Butter London Hardwear Shine UV Top Coat ($18). Then, viola, you have cloud nails worthy of Lady Gaga herself.