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After a summer of milky white and pink manicures, we’re craving something a little stronger and more caffeinated as the weather gets cooler. Latte makeup is on track to be one of the biggest trends for late summer and fall 2023, what with stars like Hailey Bieber helping it go megaviral on TikTok, and the matching monochrome manicure is set to be just as popular. You can drink a latte and wear it on your nails. What’s better than that?  Ahead, we break down the latte nails trend you’re about to see everywhere.


The Trend

Latte nails are pretty much exactly what they sound like: a manicure inspired by the beloved beverage in a light tan, bronze or brown hue. Jennifer Lopez gave the mani a spin in July, and as we transition from summery shades to fall, we have a feeling this coffee-colored palette will stick around.

Much like the makeup look, which harkens back to the earth and coffee tones so prevalent in the ‘90s, latte nails have always been part of the beauty world; they’re just experiencing a resurgence in popularity from TikTok and Instagram, much like the French manicure and milky nails before them. 


“The thing about latte nails is that they really are a timeless nail look,” explains editorial manicurist Steph Stone. “People have been requesting this look—in other words—for as long as I can remember. The look has been [around] forever, but the name is what’s trending.” A neutral nude or tan manicure is practically an essential cornerstone of the manicure world, but it’s fun to pair with a trending makeup look as summer slows down into fall. Chic, classic, evocative of your fave coffee drink … done and done.


How to Get the Look

Before pulling out your mani supplies, take a spin through your makeup bag for color inspiration. “My biggest tip for finding a flattering nail polish color is to gravitate towards colors you know you love in your clothing or makeup,” advises Stone. “If you know a certain bronzer, blush or neutral lipstick looks great on you, look for nail polish colors reminiscent of the colors you already know compliment you!” 


This sophisticated neutral mani doesn’t have to be stressful. “Picking a nail color is not as exact as picking a foundation shade. It’s not about being the exact color of your skin, it’s about complimenting your skin,” says Stone. If you’re not 100% sure on the shade, give it a swatch, see if you love it and swipe it away with remover if not. 

Stone’s picks for a latte-inspired look include a handful of Essie shades; the brand is known for their simple but versatile range of hues, and Stone loves Topless and Barefoot, a beige-pink;  Wild Nude, a light tan; Paintbrush It Off, a warm tan; the cognac Midnight Delight; and the deep brown Not To-Do. You can go classic with a one-shade mani or mix it up; Stone loves an ombré mani for a twist on the timeless look. “It keeps the look chic but playful at the same time!” To mimic the more radiant and shimmery latte makeup looks seen on TikTok, try a metallic or frosted finish, like Londontown’s Enhanced Colour in Sugarcane or ILNP’s holographic camel Portfolio. See you at Starbucks!