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Madison Beer seems to be gearing up for a new era. Her upcoming album, Silence Between Songs, drops on September 15, and her lead single, “Home to Another One,” has already blown up on TikTok. On top of this, she is quietly asserting herself as a fashion icon—just look at her Instagram, which is full of comfy basics, special vintage pieces, and lots and lots of bows.

She’s also a low-key nail muse, and her latest set is especially gorgeous. On August 12, her nail artist Sreynin Peng posted a video of Beer wearing the pearliest shimmering French manicure that is somehow a your-nails-but-better, vanilla chrome, and glazed donut manicure all rolled into one.

Beer’s pearly French tips aren’t the first time we have seen nails like this. Dua Lipa rocked a similar design when she was on one of her many vacations, and Hailey Bieber has worn more pearly nail looks than we can count. The pop starlet’s rendition of the look might be our favorite, though. 

In the video, Beer’s fingers are manicured to perfection. Her nails are pointy almond-shaped, medium length, and extending a few inches past her finger. They’re all painted a pinkish-nude shade with lots of shine, and have icy white tips that even have the natural swirls and imperfections of a real pearl that gives them a super dreamy vibe.

Of course, the opulent nail look needed to be paired with just as opulent of jewelry, so Beer had around $6,000 worth of Cartier Love rings on her middle finger—two gold, one silver, and two different sizes.


If you are looking to recreate this heavenly manicure, you will most likely need to head to the nail salon, but here is the step-by-step if you know your way around a nail art brush.

To start, like any French manicure, you will need to properly prep your nails. Apply some oil to your cuticles to soften them and make them easier to push back, then wipe clean, file your nails to desired length and shape, and apply your base coat. Beer went with a pink-ish nude, but whatever you like works too.

Then, for the pearly tips, you will want to create the shape of the tip using tape. Apply one to two coats of a shimmering white shade like the Nails. Inc What the Shell? Pearl Effect Nail Polish ($11) to the taped-off tip, and peel off before the tips are totally dry. To really copy Beer, in between the first and second coat, make swirls in the white tips with a tiny nail brush. Finally, apply a high-shine top coat and you will have gloriously shiny pearl French tips.