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Lawyers, bankers — and energy healers?

In today’s fashion world, these professionals are working hand-in-hand as entrepreneurs look to supplement more traditional business advice with guidance from the cosmos.

And one healer in particular — Corbin Chamberlin — has become fashion and finance’s go-to witch.

His process, he tells WWD, spans spiritual modalities, from tarot readings to sage cleansing private jets.

“It’s a full-time thing and every day is a little bit different,” he says. “We do tarot card readings, we look at what my client is trying to achieve, which may be selling a business, and where their mind needs to be. We incorporate rituals for manifestation, and there’s a whole crystal prescription,” he said. “I’m on a jet twice per month, smudging out people’s offices, homes and setting up crystals. There’s no one-size-fits-all.”

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His own journey with the supernatural started in childhood. “I grew up in a very magical household with tarot, crystals and clearing energy with all types of dry herbs. That was pretty much an everyday occurrence for us, and I lived it long before you could find a white sage stick in an Urban Outfitters or Whole Foods,” Chamberlain says. “I’ve been reading tarot since I was a kid, and professionally — as in collecting money for it — since I was 13 or 14.”

“As I got older, I developed personal clients and my offerings to help people understand energy, astrology and moon cycles, and how vibrations and energy can affect our day-to-day life. I coach people on manifesting and meditation and all things energy, and I do it at a very high level,” Chamberlin continues.

Though he left various fashion writing stints in New York to decamp to Arizona, he still straddles both worlds. Among his supporters are veteran makeup artist Pati Dubroff, as well as Eva Chen and facialist Joanna Czech.

Many clients he opted not to name, including C-suite executives across various sectors. “Most of them are in finance. I have an oil client. Very big businesses and a lot of real estate guys,” he says. “Sixty percent of my clients are men.”

While the suits may start off skeptical, they quickly adopt a results-oriented mindset, Chamberlin says.

“Sometimes these guys do struggle to understand that we have to take into account the full moon, or the new moon, or the Mercury retrograde,” he says. “But once they get on a regimen, they get it because they see that things are flowing easier for them and their business.”

His first focus is typically getting his clients in the right mental headspace. “Sometimes, they can be a bit aggressive and ungrounded. I’m always trying — especially with new clients — to get them to be less reactive and find their center,” he says. “The best thing that anyone can do is develop a strong sense of self and intuition. And the way we do that is by meditation, at least once a day, making sure that if people or objects or situations don’t feel good, eliminate it. You won’t get anywhere you want goal-wise if you’re surrounded by negativity.”

That’s what brought him to the idea for Sage & Salt, his lifestyle brand that encompasses evil-eye jewelry, sage spray for energy cleansing, manifestation candles and an array of crystals. “I wanted something that brought people access to good energy from an elevated point of view,” he says. “In my sector, most witch shops are offering products that are very lovely, but the packaging isn’t really considered. I wanted a luxurious product for witchy stuff.”

That brand currently retails on its website and with Thirteen Lune. “The good vibes are paying off,” he says, noting that the brand’s sales are up 130 percent from last year.

His hero product is the smokeless smudge, a sage room spray that promises to cleanse negative energy from any spaces. “I wanted something my clients could use to remove negative energy in any setting — their office, a private jet, a hotel, at your desk,” he says.