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London’s coolest kids flocked to an industrial venue more than hour outside central London to take in Mowalola Ogunlesi’s second off-schedule presentation in the British capital.

The clothes were sexy and edgy as usual — and laced with danger, given the theme.

“I got inspired when I watched the movie ‘Crash’ from 1996 for the first time, them fantasizing about car crashes and running towards danger … I felt similarities in my life, because I feel like I’m very daring, and fear is something I enjoy,” she said of David Cronenberg’s erotic thriller.

“Most of my collections are about a season of my life … I just do what feels good and then everything reveals itself to me,” she continued. “I feel like what I’ve understood at the end of this is the beauty in pain; growing from situations rather than being the victim.”

Among those who took in the display was Kanye West, cloaked in black, and his partner Bianca Censuri, wearing next to nothing.  

Ferragamo’s creative director Maximilian Davis was as excited as the rest of the room. “I’m in London just for Mowa, for the weekend — she’s my best friend, I have to support her,” he told WWD.

Irina Shayk opened the show in a slinky silver dress cut low in the back to reveal a sliver of derriere. Indeed, dresses, skirts, and leather pants were cut uber-low in the front and back, like Lee Alexander McQueen did back in the day.

Some models shared the same T-shirt; others wore thigh-high shoes with dangling, seatbelt-like straps.

In stark contrast to the glossy crowd, models sported cut and bruised faces, scars that looked an awful lot like those from c-sections, and ankle braces in place of shoes.

Ever one to surprise, Ogunlesi hinted at new, music-related projects.

“I want to executive produce people’s music before I do my own album … but, yes. New music soon,” she teased.

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