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Nicholas Raefski presented his namesake label’s spring line for the first time outside of New York Men’s Day. Raefski had shown within the all-menswear event the past two years.

The collection, titled “Sidewalk Tears,” was an homage to Raefski’s favorite things to do in New York City, as well as the challenges of being a creative.

The designer’s past collections have always been very colorful and graphic, but this season Raefski decided to opt for an all-black lineup.

This season also touched on troubled heroes, with graphics of Amy Winehouse, which was shown on a woman’s dress, as well as Kurt Cobain, whose face adorned a worker’s jacket.

Other highlights included a glass-cracked-effect suit that was a take on a classic corduroy suit for men and an hourglass-shaped dress with cutouts on the side for women.

The designer also released a shoe style and accessories such as backpacks — all in black as well.

“My thing is if I wake up and I want to go do X, I’m gonna go do X to the 10th degree and I’m gonna give it my all,” said Raefski during his presentation.

Raefski had dabbled in womenswear in past seasons, but this was the first time he fully developed the concept with his collection. While the execution was still on the green side, it proved his creative drive.