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Following its official September rollout in the U.S., TikTok Shop ranked as the 20th-largest e-commerce health and beauty retailer during the month in the country, according to NIQ.

The shopping integration launched in the U.K. two years ago, where “most of the top-selling brands have been smaller, indie brands that are taking advantage of the full-service marketing and sales service TikTok Shop offers them,” said NIQ’s vice president of beauty, Anna Mayo, adding that a similar phenomenon is beginning to take effect in the U.S., with most of the platform’s early top-selling brands also being indies.  

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Personal care products comprised 61.3 percent of consumer goods sales made via TikTok Shop U.K. during the last year, with makeup being the highest-performing subcategory. Among these purchasers, most are Gen Z, likely to identify as female, and are spending around 41 percent of their total beauty spend on the platform, said Mayo.

“TikTok Shop has been incredibly successful in the U.K. and continues to grow market share in beauty e-commerce. It appears to be using a similar playbook for its U.S. launch,” said Mayo.

While the status quo of beauty on TikTok Shop U.S. is still developing, early data indicates that skin care, vitamins and supplements and fragrance are the three top-selling beauty categories in the region thus far.

The top categories by share of personal care sales made on TikTok Shop U.K. during the last 12 months, per NIQ.

  1. Cosmetics: 42 percent
  2. Skin care: 25 percent
  3. Hair care: 11 percent
  4. Fragrance: 9 percent
  5. Paper hygiene: 6 percent
  6. Oral care: 3 percent
  7. Hair removal: 2 percent