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The Halloween desserts continue to trickle in on TikTok, and some bakers are getting creative with a holiday classic: Pillsbury’s Halloween sugar cookies. As quintessential Halloween snacks for many ’90s and 2000s kids, the treats are known to disappear off shelves almost as soon as they arrive every fall. For those with nostalgic ties to the cookies, it’s hard to imagine making the spooky treat even better. Thanks to TikTok and Instagram, though, we dug up six easy Halloween dessert recipes that have us rethinking the way we’ve been eating the cookies our whole lives.

In addition to their adorable designs – most notably, the bright orange-and-green pumpkins and the purple ghosts – the cookies are known for their soft texture and sweet, buttery taste. Though they’re delicious on their own or dipped in a glass of milk, adding frosting, cake batter, and even brownie batter takes the cookies to another level. Some at-home bakers have even gone so far as to create Frankenstein desserts, including cinnamon rolls topped with Halloween sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies layered with the festive snack.

From creamy sugar cookie cheesecake to spooky ice cream sandwiches, there’s definitely more than one way to enjoy this classic Halloween dessert. While some recipes require a little bit of mixing and chilling, others are fairly effortless. Plus, the Pillsbury packaging is marked with a label that indicates the sugar cookie dough is safe to eat raw. This means, even if you don’t have time to preheat your oven, you can still savor in the nostalgia of the sweet treats this Halloween.

Whether you’re looking for a recipe to try out with your family or a quick Halloween dessert to whip up in between scary-movie marathons, you’ll want to keep your fridge stocked with these ready-to-bake cookies all season long.

See how to conjure up a Pillsbury Halloween cookie dessert for your next costume party ahead.