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 PredictSpring, the omnichannel commerce and modern POS technology company, has announced the launch of its new AI-powered voice assistant, designed to enable store associates and managers to communicate with PredictSpring Modern POS in full natural language using voice-based interactions. 

The new technology from PredictSpring comes as modern POS systems continue to evolve into complete operating systems for stores utilizing checkout, returns, store fulfillment, clienteling, omnichannel and inventory management. The company states in its announcement of the AI-powered voice assistant launch that these improvements “demonstrate the need for simplicity and ease of use through new technologies such as PredictSpring’s AI-powered voice assistant.”

“In a rapidly changing retail landscape, PredictSpring continues to lead innovation by integrating natural language capabilities and voice search into our POS systems,” said Nitin Mangtani, founder and chief executive officer of PredictSpring. “This new voice assistant is more than just a technological advancement — it’s a step toward a fully interactive and conversational shopping experience.”

The company’s voice assistant solution aims to bring natural language capabilities to the forefront of the retail industry by allowing for seamless interaction between store associates and POS systems. Associates can access customer profiles [to read and update], send texts, view product availability, view BOPIS orders and check store analytics, all through voice commands. Moreover, the technology understands complex voice interactions, offers responses to various requests and responds to operational commands.

PredictSpring notes that among the technology’s key features and benefits of the natural language interface is a reduction in training costs associated with onboarding new employees to the stores. Additionally, companies can expect to see increased speed and operational efficiency earned from alleviating retail staff of system operations and allowing more time for customer interaction. Customers will also experience convenience as they can now easily interact with the POS system when searching for a specific product or utilizing its self-checkout.

PredictSpring’s new AI-powered voice assistant feature is available immediately to all PredictSpring Modern POS customers in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Canada, with plans to launch internationally in 20 additional countries in the upcoming months.