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PARIS — Puig has expanded its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and opened a second tower.

“With this new addition, we double the surface of our HQ as a symbol of our global growth and momentum, while we reaffirm our values and sustainability commitments and maintain our roots in the city that saw our birth in 1914,” Marc Puig, chairman and chief executive officer of Puig, said in a statement Monday. “Our operations teams have just started a phased move that will continue until the end of the year to ensure a smooth transition for our employees.”

The building stands next to the Spanish beauty and fashion company’s first tower in the Plaza Europa business area and contains the group’s operations hub with an innovation center. The site, which is to accommodate around 485 employees, will be officially inaugurated in the first quarter of 2024.

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The new building, with 20 floors and spanning 226,040 square feet, was designed by GCA Architects. It is designed to look like four stacked cubes with a glazed surface. In the structure are six intelligent elevators and a three-story parking area with chargers for electric vehicles.

The second Puig tower.

“Its flexible interior design also provides a range of space solutions and cutting-edge technologies, giving way to a set of dynamic and collaborative work environments for employees to foster creativity and innovation in the current hybrid model of working,” the company said in the statement.

This building has numerous other sustainable features, such as on-site photovoltaic and solar thermal energy production systems, which can offset by 25 percent the building’s operational carbon footprint.

The waste created by the building’s construction has been sent to authorized waste-management facilities for treatment and recovery. The tower has received a LEED Gold certification, with a 71/100 rating score.

Puig’s first tower opened in 2014 and houses about 500 employees from the company’s corporate office, headquarters and support functions, brands and perfumery center.

Family-owned Puig registered net sales of 3.62 billion euros in 2022. Marc Puig said recently that the company is assessing all strategic alternatives for the company’s future, including possibly opening its capital to third parties through an IPO.