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If there’s a “good boy” list, these guys are definitely on it. As a follow-up to its viral collection of ghostly dog statues for Halloween, Home Depot released a new line of holiday dog decor perfect for the winter months. Sitting at a surprisingly realistic height of 2.5 feet tall, these Christmas pups are made for dog owners and pet lovers alike. Among the most notable members of the pack are golden retrievers dressed in red earmuffs, fuzzy boots, and red puffer vests, and smiling Bernese mountain dogs wearing striped scarves and knit pom-pom hats. Fluffy sheepdogs also got a festive makeover, dutifully carrying overflowing toy sacks on their backs.

The Halloween version of Home Depot’s dog decor was a big hit on social media, with some TikTokers using paint and clay to add their own customizations, from dalmatian spots to sculpted ears. After seeing so many people curate the statutes for different dog breeds, Home Depot is now appealing to a wider variety of pups. While we suspect TikTokers might still paint their faux pets, it’s sweet to have a few more options in shape and design.

All three holiday dog statues are available for $40, but they’re predictably selling out fast. Each one includes glowing LED lights located around the golden retriever’s neck, the mountain dog’s scarf and hat, and the sheepdog’s bag of toys. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and reviewers already have high praise. “So cute, I couldn’t pass it up,” one person wrote on the Home Depot website. “I smile every time I see it and I think my neighbors will too.” Read on to shop some of the season’s cutest decor yet, and if you prefer more spooky holiday furnishings, Home Depot’s six-foot Jack Frost has you covered.