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Target’s new fall collection puts the “fun” in fungi. In preparation for all the upcoming holiday gatherings, the store partnered with decoupage artist John Derian to create autumnal home decor and tableware perfect for any upcoming Friendsgiving celebrations. The collection quickly went viral for its mushroom-themed pieces in particular, prompting TikTok creators to share their favorites in the line.

“It reminds me of my Nana’s house in the late 90s,” one user commented on a video about the launch, pointing to the nostalgic feel of the rustic color palette. Another commenter added to the mushroom discourse with a novel label for the earthy pieces, replacing the cozy “cottagecore” aesthetic with “gourdcore” in honor of the season. Based on the social media reaction, some of the biggest gourdcore hits include a colorful mushroom serving platter, assorted plates decorated with individual toadstools, and a festive metal mushroom wreath. Vegetable serving spoons with mushroom handles also piqued the internet’s interest, along with an enormous beaded mushroom pillow that deserves its own seat at Friendsgiving.

Once Halloween ends, there’s often a collective impulse to skip straight past November and fast forward to December. Curated collections like Derian’s, however, encourage us to slow down and enjoy the entirety of the season – mushrooms and all. Embrace the gourdcore movement, and make sure to savor every minute of the holiday season (if only to justify the purchase of a giant mushroom pillow). Read on to shop the best mushroom-inspired pieces from Target’s latest drop, and stay tuned for more gourdcore this fall.