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This Halloween, Hailey Bieber is out for blood. On Oct. 18, the Rhode Beauty founder debuted one of the first celebrity costumes we’ve seen this spooky season, and it did not disappoint. Channeling her inner vampire, Bieber’s scantily clad ensemble revolved around a specific red corset top, complete with tiny black bows, a low ruffled neckline, and lacy off-the-shoulder sleeves. She accessorized the sultry look with a fuzzy black miniskirt wrapped tightly around her hips, matching the gothic color palette with red embroidered stockings. The best part? Her corset is still available to shop for $28 on Amazon.

Although we can’t say with absolute certainty whether or not Bieber shops from Amazon herself, with an identical design and reviews going as far back as 2021, all evidence points to “yes.” Verified buyers gave the corset high praise, but some suggested ordering a size up, as the boning has a limited amount of give. The bustier includes stainless steel hooks that fasten in the front, along with lace-up black ribbon in the back to ensure a figure-hugging cinch. Bieber went the extra mile by adding fake blood around her lips, red costume jewelry, and a blood-soaked pearl choker, posing next to a skeleton dressed in a similar red and black fabric.

The fact that Bieber’s corset was so easily found on Amazon proves that celebrities need last minute costumes, too. Accessibility is a huge plus, and just because a costume is affordable doesn’t mean it can’t look good. It all comes down to the details, and in our opinion, Bieber totally nailed them. Read on to shop her sexy corset top, and make sure to order in time for Halloween.