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These ghosts are such good boys. The Home Depot Halloween department truly outdid itself this year, releasing life-size golden retriever statues in addition to its usual towering decor. The seasonal dogs are dressed up in ghost costumes, “wearing” white sheets with holes for their big brown eyes and floppy ears. As a festive touch, the dogs carry purple trick-or-treat doggie bags in their mouths – complete with yellow LED lights – doubling down on the spooky theme. For complete accuracy, the pups sit at about two-and-a-half-feet tall, with sweet expressions and a $40 price tag.

It’s no surprise the Home Depot goldens are selling out fast. But in an especially wholesome trend, TikTokers are customizing their doggie decor to more closely resemble their own pets. One user transformed hers into a blue heeler, molding new ears out of air dry clay and painting any visible plastic fur. Another creator used brown spray paint to make sure her chocolate lab felt included on Halloween, carefully painting around the white sheet. Others skillfully added on speckled muzzles, eye patches, dalmatian spots, and other personal touches for the newest member of the pack.

“My family loves this Halloween decoration,” one reviewer wrote, attaching a photo of the plastic pup sitting next to their real-life goldens. “We have 2 golden retriever dogs, so we call this guy our 3rd dog. Yes, it’s a $40 piece of plastic, but it sure makes us happy.” Each of the Home Depot canines can be used indoors and outdoors, with a timer for light activation and shutdown. Read on to shop the ghoulish goldens, and see how the internet is making them their own.