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By now, you’ve probably seen at least 25 photos of Taylor Swift at a Kansas City Chiefs game making the rounds on your social media feeds. While Swift may be single-handedly responsible for making football cool again with the masses (yeah, we said it), what we’ve really been focused on are her game-day ensembles. Of course, you’d be hard-pressed to miss her red lipstick and equally bright Kansas City Chiefs swag, but there’s one tiny detail you might have missed: her bright-red nails.

Swift isn’t the only supportive partner to be seen with game-day nails lately. NFL wives like Ciara have been on top of the trend for years, and we have to admire their dedication. Simone Biles, a famous WAG herself, just shared a close-up of her latest manicure for her husband, Jonathan Owens of the Green Bay Packers, which featured mismatched nail art in the team’s signature color (that’s green, for non-football-fans). Sure, attending the game is one thing, wearing the team’s colors is another, but getting a fresh manicure specifically to match? That’s true love. (Or the product of a really good stylist, whatever works.)

Ahead, take a closer look at some of our favorite game-day nails of late, proving the WAGs are the true MVPs.