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Sure, when it comes to festive entertainment, most people reach for a Christmas movie. And while they can be fun, heartfelt, and memorable, there’s something extra special about a holiday episode of one of our favorite TV shows. Why?

Part of it has to do with the long connection we have with our favorite TV characters. After dozens of episodes of “New Girl,” “The Office,” or “Parks and Recreation,” we build a bond with the characters that can’t be matched by movie characters. And then the arrival of Christmas can really shake up an office, friend group, or family. You have family members visiting, intensely important parties and dinners, and – quite frequently – a romantic plot involving snow, thoughtful presents, or mistletoe. So Christmas episodes often end up full of iconic guest stars, memorable blow ups, and lots of shenanigans. And more than one features an iconic romantic moment that still has us kicking out legs or a perfectly sentimental moment that made us cry.

Ahead, we rounded up 20 of our favorite Christmas episodes. Some shows, like “30 Rock,” “Community,” and “Bob’s Burgers,” made Christmas episodes an annual tradition, so we limited our picks to one episode from each series. These are the best Christmas TV episodes, a perfect holiday guaranteed.

Additional reporting by Maggie Boyle and Victoria Edel